My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

Avaldati 10 okt 2020
My Gif is the best Beach
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  • Did he say Callie? Like when he was talking about gif?

  • 0:56 James is the big mad lmao

  • ottohc ,odekianukatii aw ot adusorug ag uni, etihsiak o ukkiruf on etebus ed okod aw uni onos

  • Yh guys, stop shipping james x jaiden. His sister is much better

  • Bowser and Clifford? Thats unholy and I mean UNHOLY

  • James imma hit you with a really hard question but you GOTTA answer! WHAT is your favorite Mario??

  • 2:30 when my mom takes me somewhere but I don’t remembered that I had a doctors appointment

  • ayo mans fr smashed during quarintine

  • Jaja soy mexicano :v

  • I am so happy for you James and you better not tell us it was not true

  • James: it’s not the elephant 😂😂😂

  • But what about skeppy and badboyhalo 😔

  • James is playing that he likes Jaden

  • Hey dude have u heard about this

  • Make a new 1 please

  • I don't ship you guys But i do boat you guy- that came out weird, i was trying to be funny- cross out that joke ;-;

  • Soy el unico español ke ve esto :/ traducion a inglés: I'm the only Spaniard who sees this:/

  • Thank you

  • been watching since I was 7, never thought he and jaiden weren't more than friends


  • 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • james is so cool

  • Plot Twist his gif was actually Jaiden all along. (I dont ship just imagine)

  • So nobodys gonna talk about how he says GIF as J-IF?

  • James: Don't Ship Me and Jaiden. Fans: *Calling UPS to Ship a Ship of Ships*

  • I liked all of your videos

  • I have two moods. Floof 1 and Floof 2


  • I thought James and Jaiden were brother and sister! Hahaha... yeah, new viewer here.

  • James: Its not Jayden it never was Me: HOW MANY OTHER LIES HAVE I BEEN TOLD BY THE COUNSEL

  • Wtf is this

  • Plot twist it was jaiden

  • Life IS a biach

  • I was thinking and I realized moriah elizabeth and James would make a cute couple. Like if you agree.

  • bruh

  • I thought jaiden and James would be a perfect math lol

  • the dog singing was soo funny and well done lmao

  • Is he gay?

  • Car: Exists Dog: And I took the personally. Good video.

  • so uh, 0:47 is traced, the exact same pose and everything was used in his Conspiracy Theories video at 5:27 go look at it, its the same thing

  • Why going to the beach if you could go Canada or Brazil

  • B r r r

  • Who would win James's Floof or Technoblade's Floof

  • I like how the Odd1sout has a.0000004% chance of dying from the coronavirus.

  • WTF?

  • thats the second time if heard someone use the term lifes a beach the first was duke nukem

  • Hey Odd1sOut, can My YT Channel do a support video with you? How about I can visit on the 29th?

  • Hey odd1sout mine birthday is may 14

  • I love this video and it never gets old

  • Jaiden punching the air rn

  • Did any one else realize he had a girlfriend, she has a youtube channel

  • Hi, odd1sout I been watching your videos for 2 years and like and subscribe to odd1sout plz.

    • Hang is any one going to mention his red nails ( dam I wish I could pull red Nails like that )

  • Voice cracks at 1:08

    • I love how this man came from making humble animations about Aesop’s fables to having 15 million subscribers! And being even More epic. James is the best.

  • When odd1sout said a beech with in a mile or 3 i thought he said female dog and laughed so hard

  • what made you the youtuber you are right now james

  • Wait so u wont be single friever yay

  • Wait that's sad tho

  • Everyone ignoring the true masterpiece-Fluff singing in autotune

  • Hold on so he's bi

  • Who’s your girlfriend because idk if it’s gif ok but not wried

  • Great video but really James put in your seatbelt 🙄

  • Can you upload once a week plz, I need more funny stuff in my life and your videos are the only things I can find.

  • i have a girlfriend to

  • Yes he made a new video!!!!

  • I knew you had a girlfriend you mentioned it before on someone else’s channel and they are not going to stop the fan ships between you EEcloners

  • I would watch a sitcom with Floof and Floof 2.

  • idk why but i really like floofs voice

  • I love how this man came from making humble animations about Aesop’s fables to having 15 million subscribers! And being even More epic. James is the best.

  • Hang is any one going to mention his red nails ( dam I wish I could pull red Nails like that )

  • Do a part 2 of animated comics

  • I so ship James and Jaiden 😍, reply if u agree

  • love your videos

  • TheOdd1sOut Sings Spooky Scary Skeletons ... - EEclone

  • You said you were going to make a teacher's part 2 years ago when you was talking about the dark Crystal

  • noice

  • how bout lyssy noel

  • 6:23 Me: Nice auto tune

  • 0:46 he never said she won't be yay 😍

  • bruh when u start swearing

  • AAAAWWW is wasn't Jaiden

  • James Need some Serious Help...

  • harry

  • 3:29 nice CD

  • So floof is basically if daft punk were a dog

  • did he just- "I know the internet likes their sh-" James NO

  • Am I the only one who saw the pride flag at 2:11

  • Honestly I don’t if I ever beloved the whole Jaiden and James ship thing. They really always seemed like friends but whatever it’s not like the same thing happened to me.

  • 7:10 me when reading a warning in spanish but I don't understand

  • 0:39 actually you don't have a girlfriend And you don't have muscles Obviously

  • we gotta respect james and not ship him

  • bro why are they dislikes man

  • James when you hit 16 mil. Will you do a sprinkles video. Please!!!!!!!!

  • Hey, James I always wanted to ask you something, why do all the other characters have clothes, hair, shoes while you have...Nothing p.s. don't worry I still love watching your vids ;D

  • James = guys DONT ship real life peaple Nux = I'm just gonna ignore that

  • Did anyone notice that when they were driving the backdrop was an actual road?

  • Plot twist: stop using that shitty trend

  • If it's not @JaidenAnimations Then what's this: eeclone.infoCgDGAc4jpo0

  • No I’m late 😭😭

  • “No dogs allowed” This brings flashbacks of me going to the beach with my dog and then I realized. The sign. >;(

  • New channel idea: TheEven2sIn